Ajrakh cotton fabrics ( base colour blue ) )

  • Ajrakh is a traditional form of textile art and craft that has its roots in the regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan in India, as well as parts of Pakistan. The word "Ajrakh" is derived from the Arabic word "Azrak," which means blue, and the art form is characterized by its intricate block printing and resist-dyeing techniques, often using natural dyes.

    Ajrakh cotton fabrics up to 6 meters in each design .

    So when you add one into ur cart it means you are adding One meter and 2 means 2 meters and so on . 


    Caring for Ajrakh fabric, whether it's in the form of clothing, home textiles, or accessories, requires similar precautions as caring for Ajrakh sarees due to their delicate natural dyes and block prints. Here are some tips for taking care of Ajrakh fabric:

    1. Gentle Hand Wash: Hand wash Ajrakh fabric in cold or lukewarm water using a mild detergent. Avoid strong detergents or bleach that can harm the natural dyes.

    2. Separate Washing: Wash Ajrakh fabric separately to prevent color bleeding onto other items.

    3. Quick Washing: Do not soak the fabric for an extended period. Wash it gently and promptly to avoid damage to the dyes and fabric.

    4. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Dry the fabric in the shade or indirect sunlight to prevent fading of the vibrant colors.

    5. Store Carefully: Store Ajrakh fabric in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use a muslin or cotton cloth to wrap it and protect it from dust and moisture.

    6. Ironing: Iron Ajrakh fabric on a low to medium heat setting with the fabric inside out to protect the block prints.

    7. Be Cautious: When using or wearing Ajrakh fabric, be mindful of sharp objects or jewelry that could snag the delicate print or fabric.

    8. Dry Clean If Unsure: If you're uncertain about washing, consider dry cleaning your Ajrakh fabric items occasionally to maintain their quality.

    Proper care will help preserve the beauty and longevity of your Ajrakh fabric, allowing you to enjoy its unique patterns and craftsmanship for years to come.


  • Wash Instructions: Dry Wash Only


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